What Is A Mobile Casino?



The online casino industry is one of the most advanced in the last 10 years – it is definitely in step with the time, monitoring trends in technology. While some players yet learn about online casinos, others play slots, roulette or poker over a phone or tablet. Playing online casino games through mobile devices is commonplace in the world and almost every game is optimized for the devices that we carry with us. Android, iOS (iPhone / iPad) or Windows platform, it does not matter, casino games always work.
live-bettingCasino Via A Smart Phone Or Tablet?

Play online casino on your mobile device is easy, as well as on the PC. Installation is simple, just like any other Android or iOS app. In the case that there were no such applications, the casino site adapts to your device, and you only need to enter your username and password. If you have funds in your account, you can play immediately.If not, paying and paying off the money through the mobile casino is very simple and is set so that with one finger, you can do a transaction.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Mobile Casino
One of the biggest advantages of mobile casinos is just that – access to the casino and your favorite casino games everywhere. If you get bored somewhere or perhaps while you waiting the bus, you can pull out your smartphone and play a few rounds on your favorite slot game, and maybe win enough money for your own transport! Advantage are also casino games, especially slot, which are perfect for devices with touch screens. The graphics are perfect and fluent, the games are fast and optimized to navigate with one finger.
There are not too much disadvantages, but they’re there of course. The biggest is slightly smaller selection of casino games, but if you play the popular slot games, table games or maybe like roulette, blackjack or video poker, you will find in any casino via your mobile. Also, if you play, you may have missed that bus that you have been waiting for …
deeCasino Games By Mobile
Almost every online casino that has a mobile version, offers a welcome bonus for new players. Bonus you get on your first deposit, you can use anywhere, via computer and through mobile and there is almost no difference. There are casinos that operate on mobile devices and therefore have a special set bonus for mobile gamers. Mostly they are extra free spins you get for free or for payment.
Iphone And Android Mobile Casino
iPhone revolutionized the mobile industry. Smart phone that is easy to use and super touch screen, has changed the mobile market, brought a huge change in the casino industry, which reacted immediately and that is why almost every online casino is set to iPhone. Because iPhone does not support Flash technology, the pages are specially developed to suit the iOS platform. Whether you have iPhone or Android device, you can choose your favorite mobile casino game and enjoy in playing it. Have fun !

History of Online Gambling

A7TW53There are certain impulses in human nature that persist with us no matter how much we try to banish them, or make them illegal and prohibited. One of those is certainly gambling – a powerful desire to feel the excitement of a potential win or the impending loss. Although some would say that there is a thin line between desire and disorder, and this may quite possibly be true, and those two could be considered faces of the same coin, but, the history and tradition of games of chance have spoken for themselves.
Ever since the periods of ancient Egypt and China, all the way through Roman Empire and Napoleon’s France and up to modern period there was always some sort of gambling present. However, the actual casino as we know it now started to take shape in today’s Venice, which was known as The Great Council of Venice at the time, and in 1638 they established something which is considered to be the first gambling house in Europe. (It was closed in 1770 as the authorities considered that it was impoverishing the local populace). The name casino also originated in Italy, since the root casa (house) was used to describe a small villa or a summerhouse used for various types of entertainment, gambling included.
The first casino as we know it nowadays was founded in 1861 Monaco, which remains a strong gambling centre even today. Soon after that they spread all over Europe, though the first regulations didn’t follow such a fast development. Gambling business was mostly illegal for a long time and, for example, only in the year of 1931 state of Nevada legalized this type of activities (which led to establishment of Las Vegas – a true symbol of gambling and casinos).

This marked a giant step for the industry since a lot of people were hurrying to take a chance and hit the jackpot in hope for a better life. Popularity of the casinos was high and to keep it at that level the owners always had to find new ways of entertainment for the customers. This meant the invention of new machines, creation of new games and exciting opportunities.
187hsi6j8n8tqjpgThe rise of computer technology provided casinos with unlimited resources for creativity and the door were opened to numbers of possibilities. However, another giant door had been opened in the year of 1994, when a small Caribbean island of Antigua and Barbuda passed the legendary Free Trade and Processing Zone Act. This law permitted the small island to grant licenses and authorize companies to open online casinos. Software developing companies were started almost immediately, with Microgaming and CryptoLogic being the first ones. Soon after that the fist casino was opened – according to most sources it was the Gaming Club, opening in the late 1995.
After that it was all milk and honey for online casino industry with profits rising enormously with every passing year. Over 2000 online casinos are now available for all of those who are eager to indulge themselves to that desire which is present since the dawn of human kind.

Online Casinos –Current Trends


With the progress of the Internet, gambling gains a whole new dimension. It used to be necessary to physically go to the casino or to another location where you can gamble, but now it is all accessible from your home computer or mobile device. Of course, the owners of gambling websites are trying to use this new ability to access the players as much as possible. Online gambling has become extremely popular and it has brought a new dimension to playing games and earning money.

89With the appearance of online social games, the popularity of social casino games has also increased. With mobile phones and tablets, users can now play the games at any time and from any location. Many players who have never tried playing games like poker, roulette or slots in real casinos, now have the opportunity to try them out without risking the loss of money. There are many casino games that do not offer the possibility of gambling for real money, but players are rewarded badges, virtual money or credits, unlocking new options etc. In addition to these gambling games that use for the purpose of fun only, there are also the games which are played for real money, just like in brick-and-mortar casinos.

Millions of people now play free games on both Android devices, via Facebook or through online casino websites. Gaming industry is focused on these players and is in search of the ideas for making a good business out of the games they play. “Casino” has been the main word in the field of social games in the last few years. The developers have concentrated on creating fresh and dynamic content in social games. Statistics says that the games on Facebook which belong to the field of casino games are 13% more popular than the standard range of social games. However, it shows that only 2 to 6 percent of players actually spend money in these games, in order to buy credits and additional features.

If you go to Play Store and type a name of some casino game, like poker, blackjack, roulette and the like, you will find many results of free games of this type. It is interesting to note that, according to a research conducted in 2013, it is expected that mobile casino games will have the income of 4.2 billion dollars by 2016.

280560 (1)Users are moving from desktop to mobile platforms, which leads to players spending more time playing casino games. At the same time, and probably as a result of the previously mentioned trend, players are becoming more demanding and it is no longer enough just to port the game to the Android platform, but it needs to further engage players and assign them new challenges so that the game company will stay successful on the market. IGT’s DoubleDown Casino has announced an interesting statistics that says that one-third of Poker players online are female, and this number is certainly on the rise. And when it comes to the country that uses these games most, according to BigFish, China is by far the largest consumer of casino games.

Playing online pokies


One of the good sides of modern society is that, because of the Internet, everything has become more available and a lot of time can be saved. Not only that you can do many everyday activities online, such as paying the bills or doing shopping, you can also play various kinds of games, casino games being among. The market of online casinos is already huge and constantly rising, and just like in a land-based casino, everyone can play their favorite game in order to have fun or to win a jackpot.

hot-ink-online-pokies-wmDefinitely one of the most popular online casino games are pokies. What makes them so popular in comparison to other kinds of games is probably their simplicity and the excitement they provide. What increases their popularity, especially when it comes to online pokies, is interesting design, sound effects, variety, as well as numerous bonuses offered by many online casinos.

As you already know, pokies consist of several wheels with different symbols and meanings, and this applies to both land-based and online pokies. The way of playing is very simple, especially today, with all the possibilities for online gambling. You are able to specify the amount of money you invest yourself, and then you press the button (or better to say, click it) and the wheels will spin. Since this is more or less everything you need to do to play pokies, the next step is just to hope that the symbols will end up in the right place and bring you the jackpot, or at least some of the casino bonuses for further playing. Even though this game is already simple, you can simplify it even further by selecting the option of automatic spinning, where the wheels will turn until you win the jackpot or some of the bonuses, or until you spend all the money invested. All in all, online gambling makes it possible for you to adapt the game to your needs as much as possible.


Some online pokies provide you with smaller jackpots, but they could be won more often, while the others gave the completely opposite opportunity of winning big jackpots, but with less chance of winning. If you want to earn big money, it is easier to get it by playing the latter version of pokies, but you will certainly need a huge amount of luck.

Avalon_Pokie_game1-300x300As we have already mentioned, online pokies have interesting design and sound effects, and there are games as complex as real video games. You can choose to play traditional pokies with fruit symbols, but there also themed pokies based on superheroes, movies, cartoons, historical events… Other than layout of the game, the concept also depends on other aspects, such as the amount and types of bonuses. This means that you there can be games where you can run for one jackpot, or those where, other than jackpot, you can also win bonuses, free spins and other rewards.

The player’s preferences determine which pokies machine to play. Once you have decided exactly what you want to win and what you want your game to look like, make your choice among the games which fulfill your criteria, try your luck and hope for the best.

iPhone casino apps


Ever since the first appearance of online gambling market, the number of online casinos has been growing and fulfilling the needs of almost every user there is. If you want to gamble, it is enough to sit in front of your computer, find a website you like and start playing. There are also many applications and software you can download onto your laptop, tablet or smart phone, so you can play the games whenever and wherever you find yourself.

However, many online casinos were not suitable for Mac users until just recently. It was only in 2006 when the first Mac-compatible play-in-browser casino was launched, but there was still no application or software that could be downloaded onto a computer. It had been a long time since the market really started recognizing the needs of Mac users, and the number of Mac-compatible and iPhone-compatible apps and websites has been increasing over only a past year or two.

ipad-blackjack-bigHaving in mind that iPhones and other Apple products are becoming more and more accessible and available to more people than before, a number of applications compatible with iPhone, iPad and similar devices keeps growing constantly. Together with other applications, online gambling applications, websites and software also keep rising in number. When you visit Mac App Store, you will find a long list of casino games, divided into many subsections such as Dice, Puzzle, Strategy etc. There are standard casino games you can play through an application you install on your iPhone. Like in all app stores, there are both free and paid games, but all of them are usually played with fictional money. Most of them allow in-app purchases, so you can buy some additional features, which is a common practice for many iPhone apps.

Mobile-GamblingIf you want to play in real money, there is another solution. You can find many websites that provide online gaming, whether through browser or by downloading a software. More and more websites use the software which is also supported by iPhones, and you can either play online, or download iPhone pokies apps provided on the website. It is only important to check the reliability of the casino, so you do not get cheated. Make sure to read the reviews of other users before engaging in a game or downloading an app. The number of iPhone casino apps is constantly increasing, and it is getting easier to find a reliable app which works properly and is very user-friendly.

It is interesting to see the market growing quickly and complying with the needs and desires of modern mobile phone users. Not even ten years have passed since the launching of the first iPhone, and today we have 6 generation of this worldwide popular device, and more of them are sure to be launched. What is important is that software developers have finally recognized the need for iPhone-compatible applications in all aspects, one of them certainly being casino games. The choice keeps rising, and it will be interesting to see what the upcoming years will bring us.