History of Online Gambling

A7TW53There are certain impulses in human nature that persist with us no matter how much we try to banish them, or make them illegal and prohibited. One of those is certainly gambling – a powerful desire to feel the excitement of a potential win or the impending loss. Although some would say that there is a thin line between desire and disorder, and this may quite possibly be true, and those two could be considered faces of the same coin, but, the history and tradition of games of chance have spoken for themselves.
Ever since the periods of ancient Egypt and China, all the way through Roman Empire and Napoleon’s France and up to modern period there was always some sort of gambling present. However, the actual casino as we know it now started to take shape in today’s Venice, which was known as The Great Council of Venice at the time, and in 1638 they established something which is considered to be the first gambling house in Europe. (It was closed in 1770 as the authorities considered that it was impoverishing the local populace). The name casino also originated in Italy, since the root casa (house) was used to describe a small villa or a summerhouse used for various types of entertainment, gambling included.
The first casino as we know it nowadays was founded in 1861 Monaco, which remains a strong gambling centre even today. Soon after that they spread all over Europe, though the first regulations didn’t follow such a fast development. Gambling business was mostly illegal for a long time and, for example, only in the year of 1931 state of Nevada legalized this type of activities (which led to establishment of Las Vegas – a true symbol of gambling and casinos).

This marked a giant step for the industry since a lot of people were hurrying to take a chance and hit the jackpot in hope for a better life. Popularity of the casinos was high and to keep it at that level the owners always had to find new ways of entertainment for the customers. This meant the invention of new machines, creation of new games and exciting opportunities.
187hsi6j8n8tqjpgThe rise of computer technology provided casinos with unlimited resources for creativity and the door were opened to numbers of possibilities. However, another giant door had been opened in the year of 1994, when a small Caribbean island of Antigua and Barbuda passed the legendary Free Trade and Processing Zone Act. This law permitted the small island to grant licenses and authorize companies to open online casinos. Software developing companies were started almost immediately, with Microgaming and CryptoLogic being the first ones. Soon after that the fist casino was opened – according to most sources it was the Gaming Club, opening in the late 1995.
After that it was all milk and honey for online casino industry with profits rising enormously with every passing year. Over 2000 online casinos are now available for all of those who are eager to indulge themselves to that desire which is present since the dawn of human kind.