Online Casinos –Current Trends


With the progress of the Internet, gambling gains a whole new dimension. It used to be necessary to physically go to the casino or to another location where you can gamble, but now it is all accessible from your home computer or mobile device. Of course, the owners of gambling websites are trying to use this new ability to access the players as much as possible. Online gambling has become extremely popular and it has brought a new dimension to playing games and earning money.

89With the appearance of online social games, the popularity of social casino games has also increased. With mobile phones and tablets, users can now play the games at any time and from any location. Many players who have never tried playing games like poker, roulette or slots in real casinos, now have the opportunity to try them out without risking the loss of money. There are many casino games that do not offer the possibility of gambling for real money, but players are rewarded badges, virtual money or credits, unlocking new options etc. In addition to these gambling games that use for the purpose of fun only, there are also the games which are played for real money, just like in brick-and-mortar casinos.

Millions of people now play free games on both Android devices, via Facebook or through online casino websites. Gaming industry is focused on these players and is in search of the ideas for making a good business out of the games they play. “Casino” has been the main word in the field of social games in the last few years. The developers have concentrated on creating fresh and dynamic content in social games. Statistics says that the games on Facebook which belong to the field of casino games are 13% more popular than the standard range of social games. However, it shows that only 2 to 6 percent of players actually spend money in these games, in order to buy credits and additional features.

If you go to Play Store and type a name of some casino game, like poker, blackjack, roulette and the like, you will find many results of free games of this type. It is interesting to note that, according to a research conducted in 2013, it is expected that mobile casino games will have the income of 4.2 billion dollars by 2016.

280560 (1)Users are moving from desktop to mobile platforms, which leads to players spending more time playing casino games. At the same time, and probably as a result of the previously mentioned trend, players are becoming more demanding and it is no longer enough just to port the game to the Android platform, but it needs to further engage players and assign them new challenges so that the game company will stay successful on the market. IGT’s DoubleDown Casino has announced an interesting statistics that says that one-third of Poker players online are female, and this number is certainly on the rise. And when it comes to the country that uses these games most, according to BigFish, China is by far the largest consumer of casino games.